Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Months In

First of all, congratulations to Erica and her new baby Isabella, congratulations to Cyril and Sarah on their new house, Jeff and Jenn on finding a house... and a big hug and kiss goes for Jose, who now rests in peace, condolences to his family and I was lucky to have spent some time getting to know him before he passed.  A sorry also to Big Ernie and Marianne who lost their brother-in-law.  You all are in my thoughts and wish I was there to be supportive on all occassions joyous and sorrowful.  In spirit I am.

Wow, seems longer then 2 months.  Okay, so Las Vegas is good.  Jay and I have met a few cool people.  Ray and Kristine who I met through craigslist when I put my female singer looking for a band ad out there. They are great people, Ray is doing a audio demo for me to give to booking agents...we've done one song so far.  I was having a flat night and still coughing.  Apparently, there is something that happens to singers when they first move to Vegas, the singers voice, which means you lose your voice all together.  I guess it's the change into the dry climate and singing a lot.  Ok, so check on that one if I start to feel raspy, I won't panic.

Also Jerry and Linda, an older couple, who we met through meetup for a game night 2 weeks ago.  There are very nice, they lived in New Jersey and jave been out here for 11 years I think.  We played skip-bo and hand and foot, which just sounds like the disease to me, but it isn't and it was fun.

We've had one group of visitors so far, my cousin Donovan and Jenn...we had fun wandering the strip.  Next week a friend from college will be in town.  We have an air mattress and a sofabed, so let us know.

Things about Las Vegas:

U-turns everywhere...there are dividers on every street, so if you wanna take a left into a driveway, you have to drive down the street then do a u-turn.  We have to do it when we leave our apartment almost always, because we are at the end of the block and the highway is the other direction.

Little Squirrel-like creatures...they are the size of chipmunks with tiny tails, they are grey and fast, but for some reason they are called squirrels.

Tap water sucks....I tried it the first day, even filtering it through our brita twice it tastes gross.  We have a gallon bottle that we refill at the gas station, which is next door.  They have water machines for 25 cents outside every store.

Slot Machines...everywhere, as I was saying about the water machines, the slots are also inside the gas station, inside the grocery store...everywhere.

Empty Lots...you know in CT, or pretty much anywhere, if there is land that hasn't been built on yet, there are trees or overgrown fields or something there.  In the desert, when there is nothing built, there is nothing there.  It's like they tore down buildings and left dirt, brush and rocks, but that is the natural landscaping.
Color...or lack of...Yes, we are in the desert, but all the buildings are hues of sand colors like the surrounding mountains and valleys.  Ok, but when I'm trying to find locations to do my music video, I end up in the playground, LOL.  Yeah, I did.  There's one restaurant  near us that stands out because it is lime green and wood slates...it's a caribbean place, but I think it's closed.  Otherwise, every shopping complex and the multiple apartment complexes are all the same colors.  We drove out to Palm Springs after being here like 2 weeks and we noticed the green lush trees and grass everywhere.  Our eyes were in heaven.

Online applications...we've been filling out job applications like half the world, and now, because they can take the time, they have freakin' personality tests and accessments and it takes us like an hour to fill it out for one place.  What a pain.  Jobs which we are still figuring out.  My only grasp right now is being in 2 bands, one that plays out, the other is brand new.  Oh, and doing my pictures and demo for booking agents.

Hiking...Jason has discovered the mountain-man within him.  He loves it.  We haven't gone in a few weeks, but we've been sick and crazy. HA

I think I'm tapped out for now.  I'll post more often in the future, we do have lots of time on our hands still.

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