Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pertified Forest Nat'l Park - Chinde Point

The tepees at the petrified forest

The rainbow desert

Deanne coughed as she took a sip of water!!! Lol

I love these fireplaces...

The beautiful house we stayed in...

Santa Fe 2

Marilyn drove us around Santa Fe this morning to show us the Plaza in daylight. We went to The Shed for dinner last night. They ask if you want red chile, green chile or christmas, which is both, HA. It was great.  There are a million galleries, most houses are Pueblo style and there are some territorial style which is east influenced using red brick and slanted roofs, that we are most familiar with.  We saw the Theatre that Kate and Stephen used to run, the capitol building - called the round house because it is round, the Plaza that is the hub of Santa Fe, and the old neighborhoods that just had amazingly beautiful views.  If you wanted to buy one of the old pueblos in a good area, it would be about a million for about 800 sq ft.  The mountain views are beautiful and the buildings.  I absolutely loved it...we will be back to explore for a longer time next visit.

Our final destination is upon us today. We are in NM now and will arrive in Las Vegas around 8pm tonight.  This trip has been awesome and I really look forward the new adventures ahead in NV.