Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Willows (Sears) Tower

Jason was sooo excited to get to the 103rd floor so he could stand out on the glass deck.  I already have vertigo, so I had trouble breathing, but eventually joined him out there.  I had to inch my way at first, sitting on the floor in my yogi position, then not looking down helped...oy vey.

Day 1 Complete and A Huge Success

We drove 14hrs and 45min to Chicago, I'LL.  We slept soooo well last night.  The plan is to stay here for the night tonight, then drive to Memphis, TN tomorrow (they are getting snow today).  We will hang on Beale Street tomorrow night and see Graceland the next day.  All pending on the forecast ahead, but it looks good.

The deep dish pizza was really awesome @ midnight as was our hosts, Jen and Andy...thank you sooo much. :)