Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good morning from Las Vegas!

We are here. Already awake at 7:45am because we went through a couple more time zones. Today, we drop off the car carrier @ Penske, wash the nastiness off of Jays car and explore some properties.

We both said how strange it will be to not keep driving today or tomorrow. We have really enjoyed our journey here.  And we will keep exploring new territory in the future. I highly recommend visiting other areas of the US, probably better with a smaller vehicle that isn't towing another vehicle, but we made great time.

This blog is not finished just because we have arrived.  There is still lots to do.  Thanks for following and we miss you all.

Xo Dee

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pertified Forest Nat'l Park - Chinde Point

The tepees at the petrified forest

The rainbow desert

Deanne coughed as she took a sip of water!!! Lol

I love these fireplaces...

The beautiful house we stayed in...

Santa Fe 2

Marilyn drove us around Santa Fe this morning to show us the Plaza in daylight. We went to The Shed for dinner last night. They ask if you want red chile, green chile or christmas, which is both, HA. It was great.  There are a million galleries, most houses are Pueblo style and there are some territorial style which is east influenced using red brick and slanted roofs, that we are most familiar with.  We saw the Theatre that Kate and Stephen used to run, the capitol building - called the round house because it is round, the Plaza that is the hub of Santa Fe, and the old neighborhoods that just had amazingly beautiful views.  If you wanted to buy one of the old pueblos in a good area, it would be about a million for about 800 sq ft.  The mountain views are beautiful and the buildings.  I absolutely loved it...we will be back to explore for a longer time next visit.

Our final destination is upon us today. We are in NM now and will arrive in Las Vegas around 8pm tonight.  This trip has been awesome and I really look forward the new adventures ahead in NV.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Santa Fe!

I am writing from my comfy bed provided by Stephen's mom. This house is awesome and I cannot wait to see all the buildings in the daylight tomorrow.  I love spanish style adobe houses, the curved archways, wood planks, stone everything.  There is a balcony off my bedroom with a view of the mountains, I'm gonna jump outta bed like Christmas morning tomorrow, to see them. 

Today's drive was nothing special, TX had lots of road kill, and I mean dead deer everywhere, not squirrels...and I saw at least three cow bones beyond the fence where they roam, at least I thought they were from a cow, the ribcage was big. We saw signs for Miniature Donkeys - come see, LOL.

Good Night!

Elvis sweater vest...I must find one, LOL

Elvis' Microphone!

Wind Turbines...the Now!

This Land is Your Land

We started singing in the truck, then found this and both got choked up as we listened and looked out the window driving through our great country. Enjoy and take a moment to breathe.


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Good Morning from OK City


Now, doesn't it seem like this should be an adult store? Maybe it was created for truckers to see off the interstate and deceptively draw them in, thinking it was a strip joint.  I'm just sayin'.



Jay is driving now and I should have a data connection. We are driving through OK now.  After going through AK with bumpy, aweful roads, we enter OK, where there was one lane for over 5 miles, a cement divider to my left, orange cones to my right, a drop off and Jason holding on to the oh s***t handle and sitting on the edge of his seat.  We finally make it through that and see some amazing stars in the sky, including the milky way...we did see one shooting star when we pulled off to view the sky.  We have hit, probably 3 more construction areas with one lane and the cement wall, yiks.  So far so good.  My eyes are starting to play tricks on me, but luckily I'm not driving now, HA. 

Graceland was cool, a jump back in time to the early 70s as you saw from Jays pictures.  I loved it.  We met some more east coasters, Nancy and Dan who we met at breakfast at the hotel.  They are from upstate NY Saranac Lake area and are driving to AZ  to their sons house.  We all took the shuttle to Graceland together.  She used to be a nurse and he used to be a truck driver, so they had stories to share. We thought we'd never get rid of them, they were very nice.

Did you know Elvis had an identical twin brother who was stillborn? Sad, but can you imagine if they were both around? Hmmm...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Liberace I mean Elvis

The jungle room at Graceland

The kings man cave section 2

Elvis's man cave

Memphis ribs and 32oz.

Memphi, TN

We pull into a Super 8 that Jason had spotted online to stay in.  There is an abandoned hotel next to it, an open lot and the "Ornamental Metal Museum". It was kind of a ghetto area, plus we didn't see anywhere we could park our house.  We decided to move on and stay somewhere I found online that was closer to Graceland, "La Quinta Inn".  They were really nice. We parked the truck, went to our room, changed our clothes and went back to the truck to take the car off. What a filthy, salty mess Jays car is.  We drove to Beale street and ate @ Blue City Cafe and chatted with Russell our waiter.  Jason loves to chat it up with everyone.  We found out that he was serving in the gulf, lived in CA, and now lives in Memphis with his mom @ his grandmas old farm, where he is now working on plans to build a greenhouse.  That was just most of it.

Then we stopped in a bar to hear some local band, we got to Beale street late and didn't catch much of any band.  But we got a 32oz beer for $5.  All the clubs have speakers outside that pipe in the band, so we heard some as we walked.  Oh, the street is closed off to drivers and you can bring your drinks out on the street and even into another club, in most cases.  We heard "Purple Rain" being sung by some scrawny 20 something white boys as we walked down the block, but then we heard it again from another club, both live, both totally different.  The second group consisted of older black guys.  We were laughing because what are the chances, LOL. 

Today was about Elvis...more on that later.   My turn to drive.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 3 of the big trip

We are almost in Memphis after driving all day with a couple of pit stops. We took a little detour to the Arch in St Louis the gateway to the west. Ironically we stopped going west at that point and headed south. The thing is massive for those of you haven't seen it. You can see from about 15 miles away. We also stopped at a fast food place called Culvers in Illinois. They actually serve you at your seats after you order. We both had hamburgers and Dee ordered fried wisconsin cheese curds with hers. They're like little surprises because they mix cheddar curds with mozzarella curds.

Well we'll be in Memphis in about 15 minutes and heading out to Beale st for a bit. Let u all know that goes later.


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St. Louis Arch

We just left there.

On the road again! Driving Day 2

Yesterday was a nice break from the road...took the Metra train into Chicago to see my friend Carrie and of course the Sears Tower.  Then we visited with Andy and Jen for the evening.  It was a great stay. I heard some more crazy high school stories with Jay and woke up this morning to sing a happy birthday to Jen, the big 40...have a wonderful day, mama!  You deserve the best!

Jay is driving and we are in farmland I'LL, the radio station said "home of the largest farmland" LOL

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Willows (Sears) Tower

Jason was sooo excited to get to the 103rd floor so he could stand out on the glass deck.  I already have vertigo, so I had trouble breathing, but eventually joined him out there.  I had to inch my way at first, sitting on the floor in my yogi position, then not looking down helped...oy vey.

Day 1 Complete and A Huge Success

We drove 14hrs and 45min to Chicago, I'LL.  We slept soooo well last night.  The plan is to stay here for the night tonight, then drive to Memphis, TN tomorrow (they are getting snow today).  We will hang on Beale Street tomorrow night and see Graceland the next day.  All pending on the forecast ahead, but it looks good.

The deep dish pizza was really awesome @ midnight as was our hosts, Jen and Andy...thank you sooo much. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Almost there!

Jay is driving for our last 2 1/2 hrs to Andys house and he is loopy as a loon.  Singin Kate Perry, pretending he is a pilot and announcing our final estimated arrival, etc...

Oh Germano family, I got my snoopy on the antenna, so Uncle Arthur is along too.


Almost in Indiana. Dam Ohio is a loooong state full of not much. Just got done with my turn at the wheel. Trying to take a nap. It's pretty difficult to sleep in a seat that doesn't recline and Deanne veering off into the grooves on the side of the road. Does anyone know what you call those things? Anyway the destination tonight is my friend Andy's house in Naperville IL just west of Chicago. TTYS our 5 followers.


Pilot Truck Stop!

I'm one of them now. They announced on the intercom that there was no wait for a shower, so I jumped in. JK, but Jay is driving now and we are still in PA, the longest state to drive through east.


So far so good 4 hours into the big road trip. Dee took over driving in jersey and we just passed rt. 81 in PA. That means we are heading towards deep dish pizzas in a probably unhappy windy city, because of the da bears of course. We'll check in later.

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Our Rig

Goodbye Morning

Early this morning with Jays parents, boy was it cold, like -5.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

On your mark, get set....


First stop for packing, mom and dad. :(

Packing Day!

well, we just finished packing the truck from my parents house and the storage unit and jays parents house. we locked it up and are heading to LI. We are hungry and tired, but its all part of the fun, right? We said goodbye to my parents with to follow.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dual Authors!

Now, Jay and I can write on OUR blog, which I already created.  This will be fun!  There should be lots of pics and stories. You will feel like you are along for the ride, YEA!

Some of you may know that I have blogged in the past.  Well, I finally copied and pasted them to a word doc and archived them on my computer.  I really chronicled a lot of my past...first one was started in 2005.  I have to say I've experienced a lot of change since then.  Wow!

Happy reading!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tying up Loose Ends

I gotta do some laundry, pack my travel bag and through the rest of my loose stuff in the house in some boxes. I dropped off my long wool dress coat today to be dry-cleaned, but it won't be ready til Monday. I don't think I need that one in Vegas anyway, so save it for next Christmas when we visit.

Thanks to Joan for providing us a cooler for our sandwiches, tomorrow I will buy stuff to make them...and soups.

Tonight we are off to Colony Pizza in Stamford with our parents and Nancy and the boys. Yummy pizza, I cannot wait!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Food for Drive

jay and i were thinking we would pack a bunch sandwiches for the drive and bring my hot pot for warming up soup and stuff, just like college. ha...make it at cheap a trip as possible, but of course we will do breakfast on the road...cheapest meal anyway.

and we were thinking of downloading a book on tape, any ideas of a good one?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This should work

im posting from my cell now, but it wont let me cap or do some punctuation. hmmm, well i have one day left of work, but i think i broke my pinky toe yesterday while snowrolling and its killing me. no housecleaning today.

i will miss you all. xoxo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Truck is booked!

Well, it looks like January 23rd is set for our departure west. We get the truck on Saturday, pack it and leave on Sunday. The plan is to drive to Memphis and stop there! Wish us luck!