Thursday, January 27, 2011

Memphi, TN

We pull into a Super 8 that Jason had spotted online to stay in.  There is an abandoned hotel next to it, an open lot and the "Ornamental Metal Museum". It was kind of a ghetto area, plus we didn't see anywhere we could park our house.  We decided to move on and stay somewhere I found online that was closer to Graceland, "La Quinta Inn".  They were really nice. We parked the truck, went to our room, changed our clothes and went back to the truck to take the car off. What a filthy, salty mess Jays car is.  We drove to Beale street and ate @ Blue City Cafe and chatted with Russell our waiter.  Jason loves to chat it up with everyone.  We found out that he was serving in the gulf, lived in CA, and now lives in Memphis with his mom @ his grandmas old farm, where he is now working on plans to build a greenhouse.  That was just most of it.

Then we stopped in a bar to hear some local band, we got to Beale street late and didn't catch much of any band.  But we got a 32oz beer for $5.  All the clubs have speakers outside that pipe in the band, so we heard some as we walked.  Oh, the street is closed off to drivers and you can bring your drinks out on the street and even into another club, in most cases.  We heard "Purple Rain" being sung by some scrawny 20 something white boys as we walked down the block, but then we heard it again from another club, both live, both totally different.  The second group consisted of older black guys.  We were laughing because what are the chances, LOL. 

Today was about Elvis...more on that later.   My turn to drive.


  1. You had me at 32 oz. beer. Man, you are rolling with some big ol' food and drink options on this trip. Ah, America...