Monday, January 24, 2011

Almost there!

Jay is driving for our last 2 1/2 hrs to Andys house and he is loopy as a loon.  Singin Kate Perry, pretending he is a pilot and announcing our final estimated arrival, etc...

Oh Germano family, I got my snoopy on the antenna, so Uncle Arthur is along too.


Almost in Indiana. Dam Ohio is a loooong state full of not much. Just got done with my turn at the wheel. Trying to take a nap. It's pretty difficult to sleep in a seat that doesn't recline and Deanne veering off into the grooves on the side of the road. Does anyone know what you call those things? Anyway the destination tonight is my friend Andy's house in Naperville IL just west of Chicago. TTYS our 5 followers.


Pilot Truck Stop!

I'm one of them now. They announced on the intercom that there was no wait for a shower, so I jumped in. JK, but Jay is driving now and we are still in PA, the longest state to drive through east.


So far so good 4 hours into the big road trip. Dee took over driving in jersey and we just passed rt. 81 in PA. That means we are heading towards deep dish pizzas in a probably unhappy windy city, because of the da bears of course. We'll check in later.

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Our Rig

Goodbye Morning

Early this morning with Jays parents, boy was it cold, like -5.