Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 3 of the big trip

We are almost in Memphis after driving all day with a couple of pit stops. We took a little detour to the Arch in St Louis the gateway to the west. Ironically we stopped going west at that point and headed south. The thing is massive for those of you haven't seen it. You can see from about 15 miles away. We also stopped at a fast food place called Culvers in Illinois. They actually serve you at your seats after you order. We both had hamburgers and Dee ordered fried wisconsin cheese curds with hers. They're like little surprises because they mix cheddar curds with mozzarella curds.

Well we'll be in Memphis in about 15 minutes and heading out to Beale st for a bit. Let u all know that goes later.


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St. Louis Arch

We just left there.

On the road again! Driving Day 2

Yesterday was a nice break from the road...took the Metra train into Chicago to see my friend Carrie and of course the Sears Tower.  Then we visited with Andy and Jen for the evening.  It was a great stay. I heard some more crazy high school stories with Jay and woke up this morning to sing a happy birthday to Jen, the big 40...have a wonderful day, mama!  You deserve the best!

Jay is driving and we are in farmland I'LL, the radio station said "home of the largest farmland" LOL