Friday, January 28, 2011


Jay is driving now and I should have a data connection. We are driving through OK now.  After going through AK with bumpy, aweful roads, we enter OK, where there was one lane for over 5 miles, a cement divider to my left, orange cones to my right, a drop off and Jason holding on to the oh s***t handle and sitting on the edge of his seat.  We finally make it through that and see some amazing stars in the sky, including the milky way...we did see one shooting star when we pulled off to view the sky.  We have hit, probably 3 more construction areas with one lane and the cement wall, yiks.  So far so good.  My eyes are starting to play tricks on me, but luckily I'm not driving now, HA. 

Graceland was cool, a jump back in time to the early 70s as you saw from Jays pictures.  I loved it.  We met some more east coasters, Nancy and Dan who we met at breakfast at the hotel.  They are from upstate NY Saranac Lake area and are driving to AZ  to their sons house.  We all took the shuttle to Graceland together.  She used to be a nurse and he used to be a truck driver, so they had stories to share. We thought we'd never get rid of them, they were very nice.

Did you know Elvis had an identical twin brother who was stillborn? Sad, but can you imagine if they were both around? Hmmm...

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