Thursday, March 31, 2011

Job Response

See, I told ya I would write more often.  I just got an email tonight from a job that I applied for online over a month ago.  They just responded with an "Idon't think you are a good match" today.  I know it didn't take them that long to look at my online stuff.  I think they just get a general overview of the tests and resume and probably some percetage of match for the position listed.  It's all done through a database and there is no way I wasn't qualified for that one.  Anyway, my scooter pooped on me today.  I had a great band rehearsal with "Silverado" and then went to leave and Ruby wouldn't start.  I think it's the battery, but really...what am I doing with a scooter in Vegas?  I've seen lots of them around actually and lots of motorcycles.  With the gas prices going up and up I would like to keep riding it, but you can't go too far here and it gets waaaay too hot in the summer to ride it.  I know I just posted this on Facebook, but.

Do I really have to get rid of Ruby and get a real car???  It's not really fun to ride her here, but when will I have a great placeto ride her?  Arg!

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