Saturday, April 2, 2011

Music Projects

Well, it seems that as of last week the starter band had found it's members and we were moving forward with a practice list.  As of this moring, the project has been put to rest, the new guitarist had a family matter that took him out of the project, yesterday the drummer was a no show to meet with my collaborator.  So the collaborator put the kabash on our band project today.  Honestly, we didn't try that hard to find musicians and only searched on craigslist, but if he thinks wer're done, ok.  I've got 2 other projects I'm working on for music anyway, solo and with the classic rock band "Silverado" who already has gigs twice a month, we practiced the other day and these guys are true musicians.

Another update, my scooter got stuck @ a friend's house and I realize I need to get a pick-up truck, something that will fit ruby in the back and is decent enough to drive with A/C.  For that I did look on craigslist and found 2 possible contenders, smaller pick-ups.  I actually like little old pick-ups.

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