Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bellagio Gardens, Chinese New Year theme...year of the Hare

We went for a walk on the Strip last night cause Jay wanted to see his fountain show.  It is fun to watch and free, so that's what we are into, free entertainment.  We might be going to "Echoes of the 60s" at Planet Hollywood next week. I have a music contact to network with who plays for that show.

We are workin on the job search every day, yesterday we lost our internet for a few hours so we watched "West Side Story" and had some popcorn.  The best musical ever written in my eyes, by far.

It seems my whole family back east is sick as dogs with a bad, evil pukey awefulness.  Sorry guys and hope it passes fast.

Congrats to cousin Erica who just had her baby yesterday!  Woooowhoooo, 2 days of painful labor, but out came a beautiful baby girl...7lbs 11oz!  Happy Birthday Isabella!

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