Friday, February 4, 2011

We have electricity!

OK, we are all moved in and almost every box is unpacked. We even have pictures on the walls. Wednesday we moved our stuff in, which was pretty painless, Big Ernie supervised us and put a couple tables together, Marianne helped us carry a bunch of lighter things in, AND she help us carry that stupid couch, thank you A's...they are our new parents out here.  They have been wonderful and continue to be. 

We have no gas yet, which is the stove, hot water and heat, so no showers, no cooking and a really cold apartment.  The A's gave us a little space heater to plug in which has been extremely necessary because it has been the coldest the last 2 days here, we wake up to 24 degrees. Today the gas gets lite...we also get the internet connection. The only utility left is the cable for TV. We've watched some of our DVDs the last 2 nights.

We went out for lunch on our first day of moving to Grimaldi's pizza, ya know the famous pizza place in Brooklyn where pizza started. Well, our waitress Toni Anne is from Brooklyn and the hostess from the Bronx.  There are so many transplants.  We went grocery shopping last night and ran into our first aquaintence Toni Anne there.  It felt great running into someone who knew us, she remembered our names and introduced us to her husband.  It was nice.

Tomorrow night we will see Denise, my cousin, and hang out at her place.  And I just got an email from my other cousin, Donovan in Colorado, who said he and his wife are coming to Vegas for a short trip and we could visit with them.  I haven't seen him since the Germano's 60th anniversary (my granparents).

More later! Caio!
Oh, we still have not been over to the strip, but tonight we are going out with Samira and friends (Jays friend) to downtown Vegas where there is an artwalk the first Friday of each month.  

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