Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Couple Days Rest...sort of

So, we got into Vegas Saturday night about 10:30pm. My sister's in-laws greeted us and showed us to our room. They have been the best hosts again, every meal and lots of great conversation and laughs...coo coo la la, Big Ernie's favorite thing to say.

Sunday we drove around and scoped out the 5 or so properties from our list and stopped in a couple.  And we took a 3hr nap mid-day.

Monday, we actually walked through and spoke with the leasing agents and made our decision.  We keep waking up @ 7am, which is fine, but we have been also going to bed at like 10pm.  I think this is also the day we skyped everyone. Jay can do it from his cell, so he is excited about that.  Let us know if you have an account, so we can video chat.

Yesterday morning, Tuesday, we went to Horizon Ridge in Henderson, and handed in out application and GB processed it in like 5 minutes.  We are near lots of things, my favorite is the Super Target on the corner, I know! Woooowhoooo! Also, both of our banks are right there, the library is down the street, an outdoor concert space and The Green Valley Ranch Casino, where my cousin Denise works, she also lives on our street nearby AND just told me we are near an awesome bakery. The Disrtict is at the casino, its like the grove in LA without the fountain, higher end shops and a bunch of restaurants. 

We move in today, I just woke up @ 7am again, and thought I should update the blog.  We will have pictures to follow, of course when we unpack a little.  The wind gusts are supposed to be like 40mph, so I hope we don't lose anything. We got a one bedroom on the first floor, so the move should be pretty painless, our hosts are gonna come supervise and check out the place.

Random thing, we were looking at all the stores and banks and gas stations everywhere, but we didn't see any movie theaters, we found out they are inside the casinos.  I just thought that was odd.

I hope you Northeasters are staying put after another snow storm and the crazy ice layer, yiks!  Be safe!

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