Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back On Track

Okay...we unpacked Hindi and packed our rental Toyota Camry.  Who knew that we would break down just crossing the timeline.  I think she couldn't handle the skip back an hour.

We are basically a day behind schedule, but now have the rental long enough for Jay to drive to LA, drop off their stuff, then drive back to Vegas.  It's nice to have unlimited miles. 

Tonight we will stay at Andy and Jen's house, thank you again.  And maybe see Carrie and Mike if they are around.  We left Hindi at the garage and said good bye.  She was a hard worker, now being donated for charity.

Oh, we ran into Mark's brother Tim at the Hertz office.  He was towing some woman from CT's mini cooper who's front driver side tire flew off on a bridge because the garage that had rotated her tires, obviously didn't tighten the lug nuts.  Yiks!

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