Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday and still no TV!

HA, yes, we don't have the cable hooked-up, mainly because the package we want needs a 2 year contract and we are not committing to that.  So, we've been watching tv episodes on the computer and using our instant que on Netflix for the big screen.  We've probably been watching a movie every night after our long days in front of the computers, job hunting.

Let's see, Sunday was the Superbowl and we watched it over our parent's house the A's - adopted parents.  It was great.  Food, commercials and some nice ball playing, HA.  I did watch the game too, it was a good one.

Monday, our job hunt began...Jay was doing a few tests online and I was searching Craigslist and local websites.  We did our Rockstar karaoke for the first time, and certainly not our last.  My cousin, Denise invited us to a friend's birthday party at Ovation, which is inside the Green Valley Ranch, which is down the street.  They do the karaoke every monday, so we will be back.  It's done with a live band...which is the best ever.  It definitely made me miss the band back home.  I did "Walking on Sunshine" then I did "Feels like the First Time".  Many of the singers had some chops too.  There were barely bad notes amoungst the group.

Tuesday, back to job hunt.  We woke up late and then discovered our kitchen sink was clogged and the water was coming up.  Raoul has been here three times now and he still needs another part.  So, thats 3 days without a sink to use.  We drove around atnight and found Sunset Park where...I found HOOPERS!  Yep, every Tuesdaynight they meet there.  I'm excited to see them next week.  We watched Zombieland - pretty funny.

Wednesday, the same ol...except we took a drive to Sunset Park again, this time in the daylight.  We walked around the pond and feed millions of ducks.  It was a bit chilly out, but we jogged and ran around the track.  Then we watched "Biggest Loser" and some highlights from "american Idol" on the computer, then 2 movies on instant que...both good, Wedding Daze - with Isle Fisher and The Ugly Truth - with Kathleen Heigel.

Today...dragging on the computers and finally went to In-n-Out Burger!!!!  Wooooowhooo!  Well. we went on our first day here, but had to go tonight.  Yummy...Jay was so excited cause he ordered the double double animal style, which is when they grill it with mustard and add pickles and extra sauce.  He was like a kid in a candy store, you have no idea.  You should've seen his eyes light up, LOL.  I was cracking up.

Now, another movie.  Oh, and we are driving to Palm Springs on Sunday to stay with Jay's friend Jeff at their family's sooo nice.  Check it out online.

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