Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ah, Los Angeles!

We were sooo spoiled at Posh Palm Springs bed and breakfast, it was heaven.  Jeff, Jenn, Suzie and Pam were the best hosts. I'm tellin' you, check out that website and book a stay if you are thinking about heading to Palm Springs.  They have 11 rooms a great pool right in the courtyard outside your door and they feed you well...all inclusive.  Yummy, and I'm soo lucky that my boyfriend is best friends with the owners, SCORE!

Anyway, now we are in LA at my brother's house chillin' with the three dogs, Frankie, Golda and Edweina - they are all little weiner mix dogs, very cute.  We've seen all my pals except one, but tonight we all go out to a comedy club and will catch up some more.  I do miss it here, and Jay loves it too.  I think that Las Vegas will only last 6mnths...but we will explore all around and take full advantage of our surroundings. 

We head back to Las Vegas tomorrow and will get back on the horse for jobs Monday.

Enjoy your weekends!

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